A screen manufactured in the Retop installed Chow Tai Fook financial centre -the ninth tallest building in the world in Tianjin


Chow Tai Fook financial center, another world construction, is built up in Tianjin. It is not only a new landmark building in Binhai new area in Tianjin, but also a comprehensive building that integrates shopping, office, residential and hotel catering into a whole. The main building of CTF financial center is up to 530 meters high, which is one of the most difficult and super-high buildings in China. CTF Finance Center will become the ninth tallest building in the world after completion, and it also will be the core symbol of the main building group in Binhai new area in Tianjin.

     A screen manufactured in the Retop installed Chow Tai Fook financial centre -the ninth tallest building in the world in Tianjin. The best way to join forces will show the strong themselves. Plenty of LED display projects in the world and domestic are produced by the Retop. Now, the company designs and creates elaborately a multimedia display wall system for CTF financial center, which adopts the Retop’s OS outdoor surface mount full-color series products. The shape of the LED display screen is embedded in the curved line of the building. An unique double-arc curved surface display, which is designed a integrated structure, makes the appearance of the building more beautiful. The display shows the amazing and beautiful color with several view angles and attracts people’s attention with the smooth sight, just as the eyes of the soul to spread the message.

In this classic project, double curved shaped LED displays, totally 310 square meters, are made in the Retop with the series of two pieces of OS outdoor surface mount full-color. The screen needs more innovative design because of the high difficult shapes, including 17 kinds of cabinets, 19 modules and 11 plastic bottom shells. One screen is 176.9 square meters in the east and the other is 132.7 square meters in the south. Both of them with 10mm in pixel are on the floor skirt of the building.The series of OS outdoor surface mount full-color, designed by the Retop, is an outdoor LED display solution for professional outdoor multimedia curtain wall, which is characterized by closer viewing, super high brightness, excellent color performance and consistency, 3000:1 ultra high contrast, high refresh, chroma and brightness correction, PWM control technology, etc..


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