Retop's Display Keeps Sparkling for 10 Years


When night falls, the Hong Kong Victoria harbor starts to sparkle beautifully and colorfully.  The beautiful night scene should be attributed to Retop's endeavor, as 90% of the LED displays around Victoria Harbour are designed, manufactured and installed by Retop and they still have been in use till now.  Among them, one has been sparkling for almost 10 years, that is just the display of Hong Kong Communication Bank, which was installed in Aug, 2008. Due to the miracle it creates, it even broke the record. Let alone the harsh environment it is facing most of time, for it's located around the harbour, it has to withstand the strong wind, dazzling sunshine, and moist air.


Because of the top quality it has proved, we’re well recognized by our client, recently they are planned to order a new one from us. We will still use the same series- MEX, the strip LED display, but the upgraded generation, lighter, thinner, safer, faster and more stable. MEX series is mainly used for outdoor media facades, for media, advertising publicity, signage, information guidance, etc.

It’s ultra light and slim, fully see-through, wind resistance.

With entire glue-irrigation workmanship, protection level is enhanced to IP65,which makes MEX series suited for outdoor building facades, even rigorous situations.

Innovative independent LED strip makes it easy to install and maintain, only one person is needed for fast front/rear maintenance,and steel structure cost is reduced by 70%.

40% energy-saving by natural cooling, 80% heat dissipation capability enhanced by applying superconducting heat materials.

Robust components ensures a long panel lifetime and more fluent image.

As a national high-tech enterprise, RETOP LED DISPLAY CO.,LTD., is always devoting in LED display research & development, manufacture, sales & service, Retop will keep on enhancing our comprehensive strength continually, create one after another miracle in the future.


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