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Indonesia APL Tower Church


Retop's LED Display Appeared at APL Tower Church in Indonesia

    The world-renowned LED display brand Retop supplied 3 pieces P4 indoor full color displays for APL Tower church in Indonesia. This display was successfully installed and debugged in its wedding ballroom which can hold 1300 people in October, 2013.

    APL Tower church installed the display to host wedding ceremony, religious festival party, concert and various religious activities. The main screen of the display is 6.912m wide, 3.84m height; two other screens are 3.84m wide, 2.304m height, located at the two sides of the main screen. The total area is about 44.3㎡.

    Owing to the special construction of the church which does not has room against the back wall, Retop designed and provided pop-up front-maintenance cabinet for the church, which ensured smooth display effect and enable the church maintain from the front side. The lightened-up screen has clear image, rich and natural color and steady and fluent display. It brings stunning visual enjoyment just like a fresco. It can be backdrop of activities or video footage of live broadcast, presenting every detail to all audience and creating beautiful stage atmosphere.


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