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Chinese Dragon Race


    The Chinese Dragon Race Final started with the gong sounds in Huayang Lake Ecological Wetland Park, Mayong Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province on 17th November, 2013. There were 20 top male and female teams respectively rushing for the champion. The world-renowned LED display brand Retop, a branch of ETI, provided a full color LED display for this match to catch the exciting scene of the game, and it played a great role in helping this dragon race be a complete success.

    The LED display provided by Retop for this game was a P10 full color outdoor display which was composed by two parts, in all 251㎡: one 108㎡, another 143㎡. When lightened up, the LED display enjoyed clear image, bright color and impressive display effect. The splashing waves, flying dragon flags and galloping dragon boats presented by this display made up of the exciting scenes of this dragon race, which were delivered to the audience and helped them taste the athletes’ charm and the intense atmosphere of the game.

    Except being equipped with advanced live LED display, this game was also broadcasted live by CCTV sports channel.

    This dragon race held in Huayang Lake Ecological Wetland Park, Mayong Town was the highest ranked, highest quality and most influential dragon race in Dongguang City for years. Huayang Lake under the sunshine is glistening and vibrant, whose two sides were crowded with people. Dragons rushed like arrows when a whistle was released, and contestants rowed and rowed while shouting slogans. Traditional dragon boat events enjoy high popularity in Dongguan City, and thousands of citizens scrambled to watch this game. Dongguan was chosen as the host of the game because of its reputation as “the hometown of dragon boat”. Since its birth in 2011, the Chinese Dragon Boat Race has been touring domestic well-known cities and attracting top contestants home and abroad, and it also has been promoting China’s traditional sports culture to the world.

    The LED display provided by Retop added festival atmosphere for 2013 Chinese Dragon Boat Final, and experienced traditional Chinese culture with Dongguan citizens. It also contributed to promoting and carrying forward dragon boat race, the most characteristic and the most cultural traditional sports.


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