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Qaidam Theater


Retop's Stage Display Set Foot on Qaidam Theater in Delhi City, Qinghai Province

    In recent years, a gale of building large-scale iconic public cultural facilities pervades all over China. The reworked theaters transform to be spots where big celebration and performances are held. Retop, the world-renowned LED display brand, provided a P5 indoor full color LED display for Qaidam Theater in Delhi City with its booming construction of cultural facilities. Days ago, the display was successfully lightened up, making the theater be capable of mixing sound and light perfectly. Retop has been always putting quality first, setting extremely strict standards on material selecting and production process and paying much attention to development. The LED display it provides for Qaidam Theater is a P5 indoor full color stage display with a total area of 63㎡. Installed at the center of the theater stage, the display is mainly used as stage backdrop, or to broadcast live or to play videos. It applies lots of latest LED display technology, energy-saving technology and innovative construction to improve the overall display effect. What’s more, it integrates the structure design idea of light and thin, which largely relieves its load to stage and steel frame. When lightened up, this stage display delivers clear image, rich color, impressive display effect and high rate of reducibility of image and color.

    Delhi City is an earthly paradise and reluctant to leave. Roaming along the vast Lover's Lake, you are overwhelmed by the blue sky, white cloud, green water and flying birds. Every year, Delhi City's beautiful scene attracts lots of tourists.

    As the third largest city of Qinghai province, Delhi City has been committed to improve its infrastructure and enrich people's cultural life. The transformed Qaidam Theater becomes the important site for people of all nationalities communicate with its high tech LED display debuting.


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