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Philippine Television Station


    Retop installed a 6mm 41.8m2 display in a TV studio in Philippines. A new seamless design is used to ensure prefect images for the HD camera's even when the camera's zoom in to the display. No seams in the display and due to the high refresh rate and gray scale, no flickering or moiré is seen on TV.

    In the process of spreading the contemporary cultures, the application of multi-media strongly changed the stages' setting methods. LED displays that can bring rich effects to the stage gradually become the favorite of stage setting with their colorful, gorgeous and unparalleled colors. Retop, as the contractor of this project, put themselves in customers' position, make products to meet the customers' demands. The LED display demonstrated vivid image. Combined with shocked music, it built a spectacular occasion which is full of extremely modern feeling. It fully satisfied the television and stage performance demands that become a classical case of indoor full color LED display in stage display field. It was also an example of Retop's numerous famous cases.

    Retop fasted forward in innovation and development; established a brand image of "made in China" in international LED industry; let Retop's LED displays blossom in every corner of the world like flowers.


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