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Las Vegas Light Club


    Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino is in Las Vegas, Nevada and is open daily 24 hours. The casino's 135,000 square foot gaming space features 1,700 gaming machines and 120 table and poker games. The property has twenty-two restaurants, one bar and two hotels with 4,752 rooms.


    Together with our client in USA, we have developed the LED display for the night club in the first floor. Retop company has offered them 778 pcs P6(576mmx576mm,total 257sqm) cabinets and 12 pcs p4(512x512mm) cabinets. With the super slim LED cabinet, we have created the unique construction for the screen. Mandalay Bay is a very famous hotel in Las-vegas. The cusotmers for this hotel come from all over the world. All the visitors will marvel at the special design for the screen and the structure. 


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