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F1 Chinese Grand Prix


Retop LED Display Shining in F1 Chinese Grand Prix

    During 12th to 14th of April in 2013 F1 Chinese grand prix held in Shanghai international circuit. Retop has supplied total area 150 square meters with product P10 outdoor full color led display solution for this big event. Led display is been distributed the best Angle of view in various field stands to ensures all audience not only feel best atmosphere, also not missing any exciting moments. The field of the ground is flat, and the Support steel structure standing on the lawn, it’s a great challenge for the flatness and actress of the screen.

    The Shanghai international circuit formula 1 race track length is about 5.3 kilometers, and is shaped like the Chinese character Shang which means 'ascend'. A mammoth grandstand flanks the main straight and offers the best view because there are no places where the fans can get close to the action. The pits and paddock area of the track is the largest and most impressive in the world.

    In previous games, the distribution problem of the track and stands, making the audience can only see their own stands in front of the action. Missed a lot of formula one racing in the moment, so there are a lot of viewers watch game a little regret.

    Retop led display show production outdoor fully color LED display screen solves all these problems. During the match all the great moments of through in every corner of the camera and the speedometer F1 race after filming and measurement again by the control center of information synthesis, with optical fiber signal released to the big screen, the audience care about the field of the information in time and match images show in front of each audience. Brings the audience a good visual effect. The installation won the audience spoke highly of the screen, but also a race car driver, get the praise.


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