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WTA Shenzhen Tennis Open


Retop Displayed at WTA Shenzhen Tennis Open Again

The first game of WTA 2014, that is Shenzhen Tennis Open, was held in Shenzhen Longgang Sports Center on January 4th. The world-renowned LED display brand Retop acquired the LED display project again after its successful displaying last year. At this game, Li Na became the final winner.

The LED displays Retop provides for 2014 game are 6 P10 outdoor LED displays with soft mask and a total area of 30 sqm. Performance stability plays a very important role in score board. To vividly broadcast the whole game in real time, score board should always stay clear and smooth, and its screen should satisfy high-refresh, flicker-free broadcasting requirement. To protect players from hurting by striking, each score board is equipped with soft mask.


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