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Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre


RETOP LED Displayed in Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Celebrating the 65th Anniversary of People's Republic of China

During 10th -12th Sep, 2014, the Hong Kong Da Kung Pao and the Hong Kong Journalists Association jointly organized the celebration of the 65th anniversary of People's Republic of China. RETOP LED Display company was invited to provided a 4mm outdoor full color LED display which is 16.38m wide,3.07m high and 50.3m2 in total. This celebration was high-valued by the government and the public. It was prepared with the highest standard. Dong Jianhua, the vice-president of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Liang Zhenying, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and Zhang Xiaoming, the director of Hong Kong Liaison office, all of them presented at the celebration. Liang Zhenying was invited as the honored guest and made a speech at the ceremony. The celebration was companied with the large picture show of both official and people diplomacy since the new China's establishment in 1949. Besides, the comprehensively deepen reform and opening up seminar, photo contest, the painting and calligraphy exhibition of famous painter Mr.Hou Dechang were held at the same time.The RETOP P4 indoor LED display was highly valued by the participants for its unique design, lightweight, and great uniformity.It can deliver an excellent balance between brightness and contrast, guaranteeing an exact reproduction of brand colors at all times. RETOP shows its strengths as a national brand.

During the celebration, both the documentary picture show and Mr.Hou Dechang's painting and calligraphy have a high requirement on the LED display. But RETOP performed well. This P4 LED display represented the YOU YAN JIN QIU TU as the original size, which was hung at the Great Hall of the People. With its High definition and refresh rate, RETOP P4 guaranteed a great image.


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