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Hongkong Ocean Park


Retop P6 Outdoor LED Display Dressed Hongkong Ocean Park

Pixel pitch: 6mm, Size: 36m2, outdoor full color series, Hong Kong, China

The well-known LED display company Retop has specially designed and installed two outdoor full color LED displays on the stage of Hong Kong Ocean Park. These two LED displays were installed beside the stage with a total size of 38 m2. Retop’s LED displays can deliver stable images with excellent color. The leading 16 bits color processing technology leads to excellent performances.

The Hong Kong Ocean Park is near to the ocean, which means there will be great sea breeze with moisture and salt. Thus it is demanding on the waterproof and anti-corrosion of the LED display.Retop always put quality at the first, and Retop adopts advancing technology, good quality materials to manufacture its products.



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