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Ordos Stadium


Retop Successfully Installed Large LED Displays in Ordos Stadium

    The well known LED display brand Retop undertook the project to install large LED displays for three pavilions of the Ordos Stadium. 6 large LED displays were successfully installed in the football stadium, basketball stadium, and the swimming pool with a total size of 486m2. This project pushed Retop's sports LED displays application to a higher level.

    The requirement on LED displays ranges because of the different operating environment in three stadiums, which is great demanding on Retop's ability to provide considerate LED display systems solution. The football stadium adopted P20 outdoor full color LED displays with size at 272.79m2. Retop's product has high brightness and wide viewing angle as well as great color reducibility. It can run the contest information and also advertisement. The P12 outdoor full color LED display and another P20 outdoor two basic color LED display were installed in the swimming pool given to the special wet and cool operating environment. These two products can work in a uniform style for its adoption of integrated circuit and they are good at waterproof and cold proof.Besides, many pieces of P6 Center Hung indoor full color LED display were installed in the basketball stadium. Wide viewing angle up to 360 degree guarantees that every audience can enjoy every excellent moment through the immediate images delivery.  


    Ordos Stadium in Inner Mongolia is built as the national first grade stadium standard, and it can undertake international trainings and contests. Those LED displays specially provided by Retop will deliver the most beautiful color in the stadium.


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