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Indonesia Church


ETI-Retop provides  Indonesia church with a 4mm LED display

Recently, Retop has finished all the installation works in Indonesia church, It is a pixel pitch 4mm indoor LED display with the area of 127㎡.

Retop 4mm LED display in Indonesia church

With the development of times, church is not only the place of believers' prayer, but also the location of wedding and religious activities. If the LED display installed in the church it would meet these needs better, meanwhile it will create romantic atmosphere for wedding and add grave and piety for religious festival. P4 indoor high definition LED display is the most mature product in our indoor series, it transfer aperfect picture and image to every audience andwarmthe scene atmosphere.

The project width achieve at 6000 pixels, therefore, we adopt many sending card split joint technology in this project base on our 15 years industry experiences. The perfect display effect and customer's highly commendedthat is fully reflectingRetop powerful LED system solutions comprehensive strength.

Meanwhile, Retop is moving towards to the diversification field, and our mission  'make view more exciting'.


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