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North Korea 67 years celebration


On October 10th,2012, ETI-Retop provide an amazing LED screen to North Korea 67 years celebration, which was installed in Pyongyang stadium.The 7.62mm pixel pith design and 141.5m2 square meters lead this project to be the second biggest screen in North Korea, which just rank behind Retop another North Korea People's grand theatre project.

On Oct.10th, The famous North Korea Peony Peak Band hold a royal show in the Pyongyang stadium, in order to celebrate the 67 years birthday of their party.The top leader Kim Jeong-eun watch the performance meanwhile give a great evaluation for the show

The LED screen lighted brightly, meanwhile cooperated with the special video and splendid stage during the performance, constructing a perfect show atmosphere finally.Besides,the broad viewing angle of the LED screen ensure all the audiences watch the show clearly. The performance highlighted the arts of Korea music, represented the subjectivity, nationality and the world develop facial to our the audiences.

Main challenges of this project:

1.Challenged  Mission : North Korea's official has high standard and extremely tough requirements , any tiny mistake is no acceptable during the showing time.

2.Major political activities , strictly security require in the scene which result limited time was allowed from entrance to installation.

3.North Korea national particularity , so it will be very strict with import & export

4.Retop completed the project perfectly , which fully shows our company's  comprehensive strength with strong LED system solutions , obviously, it is the  foundation to expand North Korea market in future.


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