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Songhua River Grand Theatre


Retop Display successfully installed in Songhua River Grand Theatre

    In September, 2012, ETi-Retop tailored seven led displays for Songhua River Grand Theatre, including a main screen of the middle of the stage and three cylindrical screens on each side.

The main screen Retop built for the theatre is 6mm indoor full color series product, with the area of 41.5m2. On the both sides of the stage are three cylindrical screens, it is the 12.5mm mesh series product, the total area is 107.52 m2. Combined with video effects and stage lighting, the seven led displays build fantastic background and decorate a magnificent stage, which brings strong visual appeal and create extraordinary artistic effect.

    The Songhua River Grand Theatre, located in Jilin City, Jilin Province, is upgraded from the original "Liu Laogen Big Stage". The upgrading lasted 3 months at a cost of more than 20 million RMB (around 3 million USD). Walking into the theatre, you can feel rich northeasterly winds blowing. In the leisure hall, the northeast couple costumes and musical instruments looks so cordial. The clay sculptures vividly represent the history of the native-born northeast couple. The theatre is quite refreshing – spacious hall, comfortable seating, renovated stage, especially the seven screens on the stage are quite eye catching.

    Retop will always devote himself to “Presenting your vision to the world”!


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