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Turkcell Super League


Retop Added Beauty for Turkcell Super League

Pixel pitch: 16mm, Size: 200 m2, perimeter display series, Trabzon, Turkey

    During 13-14 seasons, the Turkcell Super League was held in Hussein, Kerr stadium in Trabzon. The well known LED display company Retop specially made a 200 m2 perimeter display for the game. This LED display was with pixel pitch of 16mm, and covered with soft face mask. This P16 LED Display was featured with excellent brightness, high refresh rate and high definition. Every audience can enjoy the game from the screen with its wide stunning picture quality.RETOP perimeter LED display application is specially designed for exceptional performance in large sports arenas. The pixel pitch is 16mm. This perimeter LED display is accident-free designed with soft front surface. It can protect the LED lights as well as the athletes. With years of successful large projects experience, RETOP reached a great achievement again. The success of this project also made effect on RETOP’s career.


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