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Mosaic Stadium Fascia LED Display Project



    Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field is a sports stadium located in Regina, Saskatchewan which is used primarily to play Canadian football. It has been the home of the Canadian Football League's Saskatchewan Roughriders in rudimentary form since 1910 and as a complete stadium since 1936. Additionally, it is the home field for the University of Regina Rams, who play in CIS and the Regina Thunder who play in the Canadian Junior Football League. The field is also used to play high school football.

    Retop has designed a completely new Fascia LED display structure for the Mosaic Stadium project. The 20mm pixel pitch Fascia LED display is the first of its kind in the industry to utilize top-maintenance structure for stadium display applications. This project truly reflects the R&D strength and ability of Retop in customized LED display solutions.

Mosaic Stadium Fascia LED Display RETOP

Project features

1. Top-maintenance structure integrates four modular LED display panels on a single cabinet. Each modular panel can be pulled up from the top for servicing without cranes or any hoisting equipment, reducing maintenance time and costs.

2. Power supply unit is separated from the display panels inside an independent cabinet at the back for eliminating heat transfer to the LED display components.

3. 4,200 Hz high refresh rate for seamless image output

4. Loop-backup program achieves “zero fault” operation

5. 20mm pixel pitch, cabinet dimension: 1280mm x 960mm (W x H)

6. V9 system supports pixel-to-pixel correction, 2x processing speed faster than conventional system.


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