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Arena 2000 in Yaroslavl


    Arena 2000 is located in Yaroslavl, Russia. It opened in 2001 and holds approximately 9,000 seats. The arena is primarily used for ice hockey, a popular sport in Russia, and it is the home field for the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey team. The arena can also be used for concerts, exhibitions and as a skating rink.

RETOP indoor Fascia LED Display in Arena 2000,Yaroslavl

    This year, facility of Arena 2000 has gone through several face-lifts. And the biggest addition is the Fascia LED Display manufactured and installed by Retop. Using P10 SMDs with patented lamps designed and produced by Retop, Fascia LED cabinets can output bright colors in high refresh rate, producing vivid images and display effects. Each cabinet features flip-up mechanism for easy access and maintenance from the top. The entire LED display consists of 213 pieces of Fascia LED cabinets, surrounding the front of the second-floor platform, giving the audiences an instant 360-degree view of on-going information about shows and games.

The Arena 2000

    The chairman of the International Ice Hockey Federation called it "the world's best multisports center in its size class."

Project detail:

Arena 2000 – Home of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl, Russia.

Module: P10 Fascia LED Display

Measurement: 272m x 0.96m (W x H)

Total area: 261.18m2

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