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The Largest Indoor Curved LED Display in North Korea


Retop Lights up the Largest Indoor Curved LED Display in North Korea for People’s Theatre

    April 14th, 2012 – People’s Theatre of North Korea, standing facing the nation’s noble Pyongyang Palace, is responsible for hosting all the important national meetings and stage performances. Inside the theatre’s main hall, Retop has finished installing and successfully test-run the largest indoor curved LED display in North Korea. The project has passed inspection from the government officials, and Retop’s staffs have received warm greeting and cordial interview from the Ministry of Culture. Not only this is another proud affirmation to Retop’s comprehensive strength in LED display solution, but also another sublimation to the friendship and cooperation between the people of North Korea and China.

RETOP indoor stage led display

    The entire project has been undertaken independently by Retop, including the design, manufacture, and installation of the main LED display screen, the main display steel support frame, and two side LED screens. The main LED display on the center stage features P10 SMD, measuring 17.28m x 7.2m (W x H) in 124.42 square meters. The main steel support frame structure incorporates portable mechanisms to provide 5cm of freedom forward or backward. The two side LED screens also feature P10 SMD, each measuring 2.56m x 2.4m (W x H) in 6.144 square meters. Installation has gone through smoothly without a scratch.

    “In North Korea, we feel a sincere friendliness from the people who have worked with us. And the official treated us with courtesy.” Retop engineers says after their returning home, “the journey has been very pleasant.”

RETOP stage background led display

People’s Theatre Project Highlights – P10 Indoor Full Color Stage LED Display

1.The largest indoor LED display in North Korea.

2.The largest curved stage background LED display in North Korea.

3.Retop’s largest LED display installation in North Korea.

4.The first steel support structure engineered by Retop sales to foreign customer.

5.The first LED display solution by Retop in North Korea.


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