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Macao Venetians Theatre


Retop Adds More Colors to the Venetians Theatre

    Months ago, Retop successfully installed a high definition P2.5 LED display for the 15th Anniversary of Macao’s Return. Lately, Retop once again added more to Macao with a perfect solution of Pixel Pitch 4mm for the Venetians Theatre.

    The Venetian Theatre is honored as “The Palace of Art”, and located in the large convention centre as 120,000sqm of the Venetian Hotel. Concert will be held on the weekend regularly. The Venetian Theatre has undertaken thousand of performances from worldwide known artists and bands. During this project, Retop installed its PH4 series, and total size at 56.84sqm. There are five pieces of LED displays, one on the entrance, three on the hall wall, and another on the pillar. The brightness is auto-adjustable according to the change of indoor environment. To display the show information and some excellent performances, these LED displays can offer a 24/7 operation with low power consumption. Retop is proud of its quality products. Thanks to the advanced color processing system, this P4 can deliver stable, uniformity images. Once put into use, these LED displays attract much attention and play the role as an excellent advertisements broadcast media.


    One outstanding feature of this P4 series is front access service. If there is failure due to defective parts or workmanship, it is no need to disassembly from the back but only take the module in the front. There is limited room for installation on the pillar, which makes it more difficult to finish the installation as well as maintenance. Retop takes the condition into full consideration, and combine the front access service of P4, Retop achieves a perfect solution.


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