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350sqm LED display


Over 350sqm LED display in Bengbu Urban and Rural Planning Bureau, Anhui

    Retop got great news these days that the project in Bengbu Urban and Rural Planning Bureau has been successfully finished. This project is with total screen size at near 400sqm.

    There are two kinds of pixel pitch adopted in this project, namely 7.62mm and 10mm.There are 4 pieces of LED displays installed in Bengbu Urban and Rural Planning Bureau. One 33.36sqm beside the hall with pixel pitch of 7.62mm, and another one is with size at 274.34sqm in arc-shaped installed on the exhibition center. Besides, there is another two pixel pitch of 10mm LED display installed in the conference room. Total size as 56sqm which includes a 21.2sqm grid LED display.

    P7.62 LED display owns the key features that high brightness, rich color, and vivid images. Thanks to the advanced color processing technology, Retop’s P7.62 series product can deliver stable images without time delay. Besides, the cabinet is made of environment-friendly materials. Retop’s P10 series is adopted 960 unit panel, which is the new revolutionary design. This product can deliver high resolution full color images with unequalled brightness and contrast levels.

    Retop owns 18 years manufacture experiences, professional sales and engineer team, and R&D lab guarantees advanced cabinet design. All these make Retop a powerful competitor among so many LED display manufactures.


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