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Moscow City Hall


Retop LED display in Moscow City Hall

    In 2003, Retop mounted the largest LED display in Russia at that time for Moscow City Hall. The outdoor inserting series LED display screen is 240 square meters in size and 40mm in pixel pitch. For the City Hall staying in the city center, it needs to operate continuously for day and night.It has been almost ten years that the LED display screen always works in good state. That is a most powerful proof of high quality of Retop’s Product. This project is a prominent example in Retop’s many successful cases of LED display applications.

    In general, most of the LED screens can only work for 5 years. After the service for two years, they come out with the brightness reduced by more than 30% as well as the rapid increase of the maintenance cost. Retop refreshes the industry data with the hard facts, raising the product to a higher level.


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