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Cheltenham Racecourse


Retop brings you into horseracing in Cheltenham Racecourse

    Although England is known for gloomy sky and elegant manner,overwhelming enthusiasm and excitement explore when horse racing begins.Overooking from Cotswolds hills,picturesque Cheltenham Racecourse is full of viviality.And,if you come herethis August,you will notice something different--a P10 LED display standing aside the racing track.

P10 LED display (12.48mm*6.72mm)

    In addition to rainyweather and high speed during horses’ running,Retop also considers the strict requirements of definition clarity and time synchronousness,so the display emphasizes capabilities of waterproof,high refresh rate and highbrightness,creating a smooth HD view without delay.

    Besides,Retop’s LED dsiplay can be applied to other roles of Cheltenham Racecourse,such as for holding a wedding,a music concert or even a grand Olympic torch event.By the end of this August,the project was done and we are happy to see that all displays put into use,which proves Retop as a LED display total solution expert once again.


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