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NY Times Square


Retop’s MEX Lights Up NY Times Square on New Year’s Eve

    Times Square is one of the most recognized destinations for News Year’s countdown in the world,where gathers over one million people to hold a ”ball drop” celebration.This New Year’s Eve,Retop’s MEX LED strip display on DoubleTree by Hilton will be an eye-popping star.

    700㎡ Mex strip display has been installed outside Double tree hotel by Hilton in a creative way of hanging up without steel structure,which is not only cost-saving,but also unprecedented in Times Square.Super thin design of 85.8mm and light weight liberates the structure from heavy load problem.In addition,high transparency of MEX ensures not to miss all of gorgeous view outdoors.

To make it more pleasing to eyes and based on the environment,Retop made use of the slots,which is for cleaning windows on high-rise buildings,so the whole display can be hung and fixed enough to prevent from strong winds.

    As for after-sales service,considering high efficiency,Retop decided to choose front serviceability.Also,Retop have set up an office in the USA and 24/7 service is available.

    New York Times Square is the only place to be allowed to erect high bright billboard ,Retop won among American and European counterparts,becoming one of less than 3 Chinese LED providers in New York Times Square.

There is absolutely no doubt that New York Times case is a great example to prove Retop’s strength.

    At this junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Streets, flow of the people a year is up to 500 million makes it the most eye-catching place worldwide.

    We couldn’t be more thrilled to witness the completion and launch of this amazing LED screen.We are expecting MEX from Retop will make Hilton brighter on Times Square and boom the excitement on New Year’s Eve.

    P.S.: DoubleTree by Hilton,is an American hotel chain and a part of Hilton Worldwide.Hilton Worldwide Holdings,Inc,the largest hotel chain in the world,is an American global hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and resorts.


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