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Tissot Arena In Switzerland


Retop creates better in-game entertainment in Tissot Arena,Switzerland

As well as a new name,Tissot Arena has a new member—a center hung cube LED display,made by Retop and installed by our partner S[quadrat], has been located in ice hockey arena. Tissot Arena,former Stade de bienne,is a multi-purpose stadium and arena in Switzerland. Now it’s used by Swiss Challenge League football club FC Biel-Bienne and National League A ice hockey club EHC Biel.

This center hung cube LED display is made up of a seamless 18㎡-top halo display and four P6 HD displays,so that 6,521 spectators are able to watch the screen without interruption,totally matching the fast-paced excitement on the ice with their in-game entertainment.

Also,high refresh rate creates perfect viewing experience ,no matter it’s broadcasting the game or playing commercials. This is not the only one masterpiece of Retop’s center hung LED display.The one in Staples Center,home court of NBA Lakers,still operates well.It keeps bringing the game atmosphere to a higher level.” In Tampa Stadium in Florida,USA ,Retop’s center hung LED display creates a history of all-round watching and becomes one of the top ten projects in China.In addition,famous American TV FOX had a special report on it.


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